NRG: smart construction technologies reached Uzbekistan

NRG, founded by Murad Buildings with the Kazakhstani BI Group, who will introduce smart home technology and various digital solutions in the construction of multi-apartment residential complexes in Tashkent.

In the center of the capital, the construction of the NRG Oybek residential complex is already in full use. To create this project, the companies Murad Buildings and BI Group from Kazakhstan were collaborating together, which was presented on March 1, 2020 by the joint company NRG.

The company presented its new project at the Congress Center, organizing a stunning and large-scale event using cutting-edge technology techniques.

All residential buildings that the company will build will be equipped with smart home technologies. During the development phase and after the facility is commissioned, NRG will keep in touch with customers online.

The completion of the new residential complex is planned for August 2021. The complex will consist of several 12 floor and 16 floored buildings and the total building area will be 1.8 hectares.