About Us

Tashkent City Congress Centre, was established in 2019, it is one of the largest convention and conference hall in Central Asia.

Congress Centre offers all the facilities needed for a business meetings and conferences, as well as exceptional services are offered, that highlights the uzbek hospitality.

The Congress Centre is one of the eight projects that was established to welcome local and foreign guests, as well as events, summits, conferences, banquets and private meetings. The Congress Centre is in the Tashkent City International Business Center.

The exterior of the Congress Centre deserves a special attention: The exterior of the building is decorated with oriental ornaments and the interior is decorated with onyx stone. Another very important element that adds special value to the interior is the copies of 12 historical keys for entering the Tashkent city, which are kept within the walls in the Congress Centre.

General Information about Conference Centre:

  • The total area of the Congress Centre is 39 000 square meters;
  • The biggest Multifunctional Hall in Central Asia for up to 4000 people and can be divided up to 2,3 or 4 groups;
  • There are 16 Conference Halls, 7 Lounge bars and one Banquet Hall for 300 people;
  • Parking for 150 cars;
  • Multifunctional Hall for 4000 people;
  • Banquet Hall for 600 people;
  • Concert Hall for 200 people;
  • Hall for Pressconference for 200 people;
  • Hall for delegations from 4 to 20 people (Hall for negotiations, private hall, Lounge Bar);
  • 7 Hall sfor Bilateral negotiations;
  • 4 Halls for negotiations in Asian style;
  • Hall for signing documents and negotiations.

Convenience of Tashkent City Congress Centre:

  • Upon request décor flowers and interior décor can be arranged;
  • Smart technology system that can be customized according to the guests needs;
  • Highspeedinternetandprofessionalaudiovisual service is available;
  • Themed coffee breaks, buffet menus and a’ lacarte.

Tashkent City Congress Centre, the project was developed by Turkish and European designers ARUP и METEX, using the modern concept and combining the Uzbek hospitality with diplomatic segmentation.