Tashkent Region

Thetaste of Plov, aromas of freshly baked bread, crystal clear shinning Navvat and extraordinary hospitality – this is what you can associate with Uzbekistan.

A Country with a great history and rich culture, illuminated with the bright sun and strewn with snow white cotton fields, centuries ago it was part of the greatest empires in particular Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. In ancient times, the Great Silk Road passed through the country: here, on the roads where wealth and cultures meet, cities were born, whose unique architecture will captivate with its beauty to this day.

In the present day 5 ancient cities are under the protection of UNESCO as the world heritage cities.Forexample Samarkand, Bukhara which are more than 2500 years old, these cities are the main touristic destinations: it is simply impossible to count all the Mosques, Medreses and minarets. It’s also impossible to convey their beauty and originality. It is worth seeing it with your own eyes.

The business sector of Uzbekistan is developing rapidly, as the country continues to develop and is open to new investments, which contributes to emerge a large number of projects.

Tashkent City Congress Centre – is a great example of a new approach that shows the completely different period in the modern history of Uzbekistan.